Long Term Teaching-Learning Activity – University of Gothenburg (09/10/2017-09/12/2017)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Belkıs Tekmen from Başkent University participated as a visiting scholar at the University of Gothenburg for three months. During this time she:

  • Provided public lectures for preschool teachers, educators and teacher candidates about the Turkish context including early childhood education system, preschool teacher education, parent/father involvement and related education policy studies.
  • Visited preschools in different districts of Gothenburg to make observation and do interviews with preschool head masters, teachers and parents to investigate the context from different perspectives.
  • In addition to the field studies, she made meetings with both the coordinator of the practicum courses and core courses to understand the process and the content of the teacher candidates education program in the department.
  • Participated in research groups and seminars in the department and initiated new research collaborations and projects.

December 20, 2017