Transnational Meeting in Netherlands / 04-07 October 2017

Third transnational meeting was held at Stichting Drio in Eindhoven. This meeting last 3 days. Gothenburg University, Lifelong Learning Association and Başkent University were participated to this meeting. Online meetings through Skype were held with the other participants in Turkey.

This meeting was organized by Sticting Drio. They had a guest who is theme-advisor for parents and school, to make a presentation. Some suggestions were discussed and brain storms were held for the project.

The last day, a preschool visit was arranged for participants by Drio. After preschool visit, a certification ceremony was held. Additionally, a dinner for all participants were held by Stichting Drio. Each partner attended this dinner.

Follows were discussed on this meeting:

  • Teacher Training
  • Parent Training
  • Long Term Training
  • Pre-post Interviews and Evaluation
  • Handbook for Father Involvement Activities for Early Childhood Education Programs
  • Website and Social Media
  • Dissemination
  • Next Transnational Meetings
  • Multiplier Evets
  • Project Logo

Photo Album of the Event

November 24, 2017