Short Term Training Activity 10-18 / 06 / 2017

A training program about Strategies for High Father Involvement at Preschools for preschool teachers was planned by Gothenburg University. Turkish and Dutch preschool teachers attended this training. Swedish preschool teachers shared their experiences with these groups. It was held some lectures and presentations for training group. Workshops were organized by trainers. Also, Turkish and Dutch groups held some cultural trips in Gothenburg.

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The schedule and contents of the training program are as follows:

Trip for Universeum, Gothenburg Art Museum, Botanical Garden, Natural History Museum.

Professor Susanne Garvis made an introduction to program. After that Maelis Karlsson Lohmander made a presentation about The Swedish preschool system. Lastly, Professor Thomas Johansson made a presentation about Fatherhood in Sweden. After lectures, a library tour was held.

Professor Susanne Garvis gave information about parental involvement and father friendly environments to training group. Swedish teacher, Megan Rådesjö, shared her experiences of parental involvement and father friendly environments.

Peter Breife and Mats Linde held a presentation about Working with fathers in Sweden. Group works on father friendly environments was held according to problem based learning tasks. Small groups worked on a problem based learning task. During the afternoon the groups initially came up with ideas, before presenting them to the entire group on Thursday afternoon.

Presentation from Swedish teachers about parental involvement was held. Each group continued working on their ideas from Wednesday afternoon. The smaller group present their ideas to the larger group.

Small groups visited various preschools around Gothenburg. There were 5 preschools. After the visits, each group completed a reflection diary to post online and share with the other groups.

September 11, 2017